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Ingredients   Star on Google 4.0

It softens dead skin cells with Salix Nigra (Willow) Bark Extract and removes dead skin cells with plant-derived ingredient Cellulose. Ascorbyl Glucoside, a vitamin C derivative, helps skin whitening and brightens dull skin. However, vitamin C can have a bad effect on very sensitive skin, so if you have sensitive skin, you should be careful when using it. Althaea Rosea Flower Extract, Honey Extract, and Trehalose, soothing and moisturizing ingredients, make the skin smooth and moist. Unfortunately, it does contain fragrance.


  • Brightening: Licorice Root Extract, Ascorbyl Glucoside (Vitamin C)
  • Soothing: Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Allantoin
  • Exfoliating: Willow Bark Extract


Use   Star on Google 4.0

I have sensitive skin, so I prefer peeling products that can gently remove dead skin cells. This product is a gel-type formulation, so I chose it because it doesn’t put a lot of pressure on my skin. As it is a gommage-type exfoliant, I was worried that it would cause a lot of irritation, but I am using it well because it is easy to remove blackheads as if the granules melt and break, rather than removing dead skin cells with coarse particles. After using it, the rough skin definitely feels soft and smooth.

How to Use :

  • First, wash your face.
  • With your face still wet, put a proper amount of the gel on your face.
  • Softly rub the gel on your face. (Rubbing for over a minute can cause irritation)
  • Wash gently with lukewarm water.


Result   Star on Google 4.5

If the dead skin cells do not fall off normally, it interferes with the absorption of active ingredients in cosmetics and causes various skin problems, so it is used regularly. Dr. G Brightening Peeling Gel is a mild product with a soft formulation containing Cellulose, a naturally-derived ingredient that holds moisture. It effectively removes old dead skin cells and improves skin tone and texture after use, helping to maintain smooth and bright skin. Moreover, it is not an irritating product that cleanly removes blackheads with just one use, so you will be able to see the reduced blackheads with continuous use.


Price   Star on Google 5.0

In my case, I used it 2-3 times a week, mainly on the nose and chin, and it was able to be used for more than 6 months. Available in the $10 range for 120g, it’s well worth it for a clean nose without blackheads.


Clean Beauty   Star on Google 4.0

Dr.G uses ingredients essential to the skin to safely take care of skin concerns through meticulous testing with the technology of skin experts. I also liked the fact that all products are marked with Braille for the visually impaired. However, unfortunately, there is a fragrance at the end of this product.



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Age Range

10s, 20s, 30s, 40s

Ingredient Preferences

Antioxidants, Clean Beauty, Cruelty-Free, Essential Oil-Free, Hyaluronic Acid, Paraben-Free, Sulfate-Free, Vegan, Vitamin C

Skin Concern

Acne, Pores

Skin Type

Combination, Normal, Oily


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