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Best Clio Makeup Products: Cushion, Lipsticks, Eye Makeup

CLIO Makeup Product Reviews in 2022

CLIO is a Korean cosmetic brand that delivers a colorful celebration of beauty for women. Originated in South Korea, it was the first color cosmetic brand in Korea. The name CLIO comes from a muse of Greek Mythology that represents honor. CLIO cosmetics are made for women to have a celebration of life and take on endeavors with confidence. The brand sensationalizes the importance of change, and how women can change their look with CLIO makeup products for a new life. This article will guide you in every detail about the best CLIO products. So by the end of this article, you can start adding items to your makeup cart!

Clio Cushion Foudation

CLIO Kill Cover Glow Cushion Foundation

This is a CLIO cushion foundation, giving high coverage that seamlessly glides onto the skin, without any issues and blends right in. It is buildable in terms of coverage as well, meaning that even if you feel like layering it up there will be no flaking or dry patches. Not only It is lightweight but this fresh liquid formula also comes in the convenience of a compact. Simply press a brush or puff on top of the cushion and the liquid foundation will come out. Then gently pat the puff on the face until all the areas of the face are covered with the product and blend. It glows from within the skin, making the results natural and radiant. Clio Kill Cover cushion is outstanding in being full coverage, a small amount is needed to cover pigmentation, fine lines, and blemishes on the skin.

Highlight Ingredients

This foundation has a high broad-spectrum SPF-50 + PA++++ that promotes healthy skin balance and an even complexion whilst giving sun protection. Furthermore, It has the enriching qualities of green tea water that soothe the skin and reduce inflammatory skin conditions. The hydrating agent called Collageneer present in the foundation hydrates and moisturizes the skin throughout wear. 

It comes in four shades to blend perfectly into your skin. These are #02 Lingerie, #03 Linen, #04 Ginger, and #05 Sand. This is such a handy product, as keeping a foundation with you on the go has never been this easy. 


CLIO Kill Cover Founwear Cushion XP

clio founwear cushion
CLIO Kill Cover Founwear Cushion XP

15g (+ Refill 15g)

$30 ~ $34

This is a new and improved upgrade to the original Clio Kill Cover Founwear cushion that offers the same benefits, but better and much more!

The moisturizing and hydrating foundation in a cushion compact has high coverage and blends perfectly with one’s skin upon application. It has flawless coverage, due to the powder particles of various sizes present in the cushion that blend together to give smooth application and stunning coverage without any bumps. Plus, It has minimal oxidation owing to its new and improved formula. You will look fresh and radiant all throughout the day from start to finish. The velvety finish of the product on the skin gives a soft touch that is never sticky. It does not transfer and stays put on the skin. It lasts for up to 48 hours on the skin without touching up.

Sun protection is available with SPF50 + PA+++ and four shades to match your skin tone. They are #02 Lingerie, #03 Linen, #04 Ginger, and #05 Sand. You can simply toss this cushion compact foundation in your bag and take it on the go.


CLIO Kill Cover Conceal Cushion

Clio Conceal cushion is amazing as it has the benefits of a foundation, plus the benefits of a concealer. It is a multipurpose product that minimizes the need to purchase a separate concealer or apply double the products on your skin. With just this one product, you can even out your entire skin tone, and conceal any blemishes, fine lines, or pigmentation as well. It includes a puff that you can use to apply the product. The application is simple as applying a layer of cushion foundation, and then taking the product again on the puff and adding more on areas you wish to conceal. 

This product has been infused with an ampoule that has concealer and moisture that provides coverage and moisture all at the same time. It is a full-coverage product, perfect for every day or event as it is extremely lightweight and radiant throughout wear. 

You have an option with a range of the following custom shades of #02 Lingerie, #03 Linen, #04 Ginger, and #05 Sand. Put the compact in your purse so that you can look flawless anywhere you go.


CLIO Kill Cover Ampoule Cushion

clio ampoule cushion
CLIO Kill Cover Ampoule Cushion

15g (+Refill 15g)

$27 ~ $31

This is a next-level CLIO cushion foundation, providing skincare benefits of brightening, protection, and wrinkles repair. If you want to achieve celebrity-like flawless skin, this product is a perfect choice. It is formulated with high-density moisturizing elements that penetrate deep into your skin and keep the skin healthy, moisturized, and hydrated. With all that moisturizing, this foundation is immaculate in staying power and high coverage. You never need to worry about flaking or dry patches due to ultra moisture and hydration and the strong lasting power. 

Highlight ingredients

Coconut water is on the first ingredient of the label instead of purified water to leave your skin feeling more hydrated. With Moringa Oil and Ceramide NP, Clio Ampoule cushion will help to improve your skin barrier while preventing evaporation of moisturizing ingredients that is perfect especially in dry seasons.

It comes in a selection of four shades to blend with your skin in #02 Lingerie, #03 Linen, #04 Ginger and #05 Sand. You can easily carry this cushion pact anywhere with the puff, retouching, or applying from scratch anywhere as it never gets flaky or wear-off. 


Here you can check more bestsellers of Korean cushion foundation for flawless skin!

Korean cushion foundation

CLIO Kill Cover Liquid Concealer 

Clio’s perfect concealer for full coverage is easy to build up if needed whilst providing immaculate moisture and hydration. It lasts through the wear without ever fading away or melting off. Never gets greasy and emphasizes the skin texture on top of blemishes, wrinkles, pigmentation, and fine lines. It is smooth and easy to blend staying adhered to the skin!

Four shades are available from #002 Lingerie, #003 Linen, #004 Ginger to #005 Sand.


Clio Lipstick

CLIO Rouge Heel Velvet

Looking for the best lipstick ever? The CLIO rouge heel velvet lipsticks are just the product. With intense, bold, and build-able coverage, the lipstick collection is ideal for Asian skin tones. With just a single application, the color is exhilarating and vibrant. It is moisturizing, soft and velvety to touch, never sticky or flaky. The packaging has been inspired by stiletto heels, just to add a more sophisticated look to the perfect product inside. You have a choice in 10 gorgeous shades of pinks, neutrals, and reds. 

clio lip makeup
Clio Rouge Heel Velvet Colors


korean makeup lipstick
Bestseller Korean Lipsticks

Clio Eye Makeup

CLIO Sharp, So Simple Waterproof Pencil Liner

Clio Eye makeup products are another bestseller! This thin, 2mm Waterproof eye pencil liner will never fade through the day. It lasts through sweat, sebum, moisture, and excess oils. It is easy to use because of the sharp application point and goes on smoothly and effortlessly. Also, It does not smudge off or transfer anywhere else. 6 beautiful shades are available to wear on the lash line or the waterline. 


CLIO Waterproof Pen Liner XP

This waterproof eyeliner is dark and intense in pay off, hence popularly loved by everyone. It has a clean and defined application that is super easy to handle. If you are a beginner, you will love it as it is identical to a writing pen and therefore easy to apply on the eyes. You simply have to draw a line across the lid, and the spongy felt tip applicator is ultra-thin to provide a clean and crisp line. However, it is also ideal for skilled professionals out there as you can get the perfect liner within seconds.

The flow of product in the liner is impeccable and even. It comes in a classic variety of six beautiful and intense shades. They are Black, Brown, Cacao Brown, Maroon Brown, Pink Brown, and Gray Brown.


best korean eyeliners

CLIO Pro Eye Palette

A rich and pigmented eye shadow palette comes with 10 stunning and attractive shades that feature matter, shimmer, and glitter formulas. The colors are long-lasting and beautifully smooth. In a single application, the high pigmentation works wonderfully. A dual-ended brush comes with this palette for easy application. 

The palette comes in 7 different color combinations from pinks, oranges, neutrals to vibrant and bright tones. This is perfect for everyday wear and for glamorous occasions.


Korean eye makeup

CLIO Kill Brow Auto Hard Brow Pencil

Recreating the Korean brows look by yourself has never been easier than doing it with this product. It has the ability to provide the look of natural eyebrows, rather than make it look like makeup. That is the approach of Korean brows. It draws smooth according to the hair texture and you simply finish the look by brushing the hairs up with the brush end of the pencil. It is long-lasting and adheres impeccably to the skin. You will never worry about it fading through wear. 

What’s more, it comes in 5 shades to match your eyebrow tone perfectly and naturally. It is a thin pencil, easy to take with you anywhere while also having a brush at its end for touching up.


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