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If you’ve been into Korean Skincare for a while, you may have come across a popular brand called Klairs. This is 1 out of the 3 brands owned by the Company Wishtrend, alongside other leading brands such as ‘by Wishtrend’ and ‘Jungle Botanics’. In recent years, with the help of their on-going social media influence and feedback from fans, Wishtrend has been able to create a number of high-quality products at an affordable price point. What’s more, thanks to their global fanbase and worldwide shipping, they have made ‘TOP-notch’ Korean Skincare easily accessible all around the world. Throughout the years, Wishtrend has released some of my favorite products. And, for those who are interested in Dear Klairs but don’t know where to begin? Let me introduce you to some of the Best Klairs products for all Skin-types:

Klairs Best Products for Your skin type 

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Klairs Best Products for Oily Skin

Of course, not every skin type is the same. And therefore, not every Klairs product will work best for your skin. However, here are the Best Dear Klairs products, that will help keep your pores clean and Oil at bay, all day long:

Daily skin softening water

Daily skin softening water. Klairs Best Products

Daily skin softening water

$24.30 | 500ml

All Skin Types

This Daily skin-softening water is a great light-weight exfoliator for every day (on Oily skin). It contains Sugar cane (PHA) and a small percentage of Citric acid (AHA) for a gentle exfoliating effect. In addition to hydration such as 45% Cucumber water, Panthenol, and Glycerin, this toner will leave your skin feeling clean without feeling tight. It’s also, suitable for other skin-types even dry or sensitive, as long as it’s used less frequently.  

How to use:
Apply enough product to soak a cotton pad and, swipe gently over the face. You could also, leave it on target areas such as the nose for a few minutes as a quick mask.

Want to know more about a Korean Skincare Routine for Oily Skin? CLICK HERE

korean skincare routine for oily skin

Klairs Supple preparation toner unscented

Klairs Supple preparation. Klairs Best Products

Supple preparation toner unscented

$22 | 180ml

All Skin Types

Using a toner is a great way to get extra hydration without it being too heavy for Oily skin. What’s more, This supple preparation toner Unscented by Klairs is the fragrance-free, updated version of an old cult favorite. It’s one of my Best products from Dear Klairs, It’s easy to layer and It works for all skin types.

Somewhere in between water and essence, this toner absorbs quickly, leaving the skin nice a plump. It also contains simple ingredients such as Licorice root extract, Centella Asiatica, and Aloe: great for fighting and soothing existing acne. Furthermore, It holds a number of hydration such as Beta-glucan, Panthenol, Butylene Glycol, and Sodium hyaluronate.

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Top Klairs Items for Dry Skin

Next up, is the Best Dear Klairs products for dry skin. These products will give you all the hydration you need, keeping your skin plump and youthful.

Klairs Gentle Black Fresh Cleansing oil

Klairs Gentle Black Fresh Cleansing oil. Klairs Best Products

Gentle Black Fresh Cleansing oil

$20.70 | 150ml

All Skin Types

If you’re tired of cleansers leaving your skin feeling overly stripped and dry, Why not opt for an oil cleanser? In all fairness, this cleanser works great for all skin types even oily. Unlike Klairs’ previous Cleansing oil, this one is much lighter and is also, much easier to wash off. What’s more, Its main ingredient (out of a total 6 Ingredients!) is Sunflower seed oil which is high in Oleic acid that often people with Dry skin lack. This cleansing oil is a great choice for those who wear makeup or for those suffering from White/Blackheads.

How to use:
Pump 2-3 pumps onto dry skin and massage into the face. Then, add water to emulsify the product before washing off.

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Klairs Fundamental Gel water cream

Klairs Fundamental Gel water cream. Klairs Best Products

Fundamental Gel water cream

$30 | 70ml

All Skin Types

Although currently, Dear Klairs doesn’t hold any extremely rich moisturizers. This fundamental water gel-cream is a nice choice for the day time or during the warmer months. It contains, ingredients such as Panthenol, Glycerin, Hyaluronic acid, Butylene Glycol, Jeju green tea water and Vitamin E which are great at hydrating deep within the skin without being overly heavy.

How to use:
Before applying sunscreen, apply an adequate amount all over the face and neck.

Klairs Best Products for Sensitive Skin

Here, are the Best Dear Klairs products that work even on those troubling sensitive skin days.  

Klairs Daily Skin Hydrating toner

Klairs Daily Skin Hydrating toner. Klairs Best Products

Daily Skin Hydrating toner

$24.30 | 500ml

All Skin Types

This toner contains a fairly short ingredient list for Klairs. Its main ingredient is 45% Green tea water which is high in anti-oxidants, great for cooling the skin whilst also, protecting it from out-door irritants. Your sensitive skin is sure to love it. In addition, This Daily skin toner has a water-like consistency, making It easy to layer up or use as a mask.

How to use:
Soak a cotton pad with product and swipe over the face or use as a quick sheet mask. Alternatively, you can pat it directly onto the skin using your hands. Layer up for more hydration or place soaked cotton pads in the fridge for an extra cooling effect.

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Klairs Supple prep all-over lotion

Klairs Supple prep all-over lotion. Klairs Best Products

Supple prep all-over lotion

$23.85 | 250ml

All Skin Types

This is another, fuss-free product from Dear Klairs that the sensitive skin on your body will love. Marketed as an ‘all-over’ lotion, this product is targeted towards dry/sensitive skin on the body. However, this product does contain a few ingredients that could potentially clog pores or trigger fungal acne so I wouldn’t recommend this for acne-prone skin or on the face.

How to use:
Apply an adequate amount onto body

For more information on What to do with Sensitive Irritated Skin: CLICK HERE

skincare routine for sensitive skin

Klairs Best Products for Combination Skin

(De-hydrated Oily, Normal)

Lastly, a selection for those with dehydrated/combination skin. These are the Best Dear Klairs products to help balance the oil/moisture content in your skin.

Klairs Freshly juiced vitamin drop

Klairs Freshly juiced vitamin drop. Klairs Best Products

Freshly juiced vitamin drop

$23 | 35ml

All Skin Types

Last but not least, is the Klairs freshly juiced vitamin drop. This is a popular Vitamin C serum from Klairs that helps brighten up the complexion. Furthermore, this product absorbs into the skin nicely and gives you a pretty glow. Unfortunately, like a lot of Vitamin C serums, it can be irritating on sensitive skin and does contain a number of fragrance and essential oils.

How to use:
Apply 3-4 drops and pat into the face and neck.

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Klairs Fundamental water-oil drop

Klairs Fundamental water-oil drop. Klairs Best Products

Fundamental water-oil drop

$27.90 | 50ml

All Skin Types

Firstly, the Klairs fundamental water-oil drop. This is a top choice for those with dehydrated oily skin. It contains main ingredients such as Jeju green tea water which are high in anti-oxidants, great for cooling, regulating sebum production and protecting the skin from outdoor factors. In addition, Ingredients such as Glycerin and Butylene glycol help hydrate deep within the layers of the skin.

How to use:
Apply 3-4 drops onto hand and pat over face and neck.

Klairs Midnight Calming Blue Cream

klairs midnight blue calming cream. Klairs Best Products

Midnight Calming Blue Cream

$24.5 | 30ml

All Skin Types

The midnight calming blue cream is yet another cult favorite from Klairs. With main ingredients such as Guazalene and Centella Asiatica, It’s said to calm your irritated skin overnight. Word of caution, however, it does contain a number of potentially irritating ingredients so I wouldn’t recommend for sensitive or acne-prone skin.

How to use:
Apply a thick layer all over the face before sleeping.

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Something Klairs is known for is their sunscreens. And, If you were looking at trying 1 item from the Klairs line then this is an area you can’t go wrong with. With both a chemical and physical sunscreen all that’s left is to choose the right one for you. 

Klairs Soft Airy UV Essence

Klairs Soft Airy UV Essence. Klairs Best Products

Soft Airy UV Essence

$20.70 | 80ml

All Skin Types

First up, is the Klairs soft airy UV Essence. This is a chemical sunscreen that is adored by many and is certainly the most popular out of the two. It has a light-weight water/gel consistency that doesn’t leave the skin greasy throughout the day. What’s more, It doesn’t leave a white cast and has a strong SPF and PA +++ protection. However, like most chemical sunscreens It can potentially cause irritation for sensitive skin.

Klairs Midday blue UV shield

Klairs Midday blue UV shield. Klairs Best Products

Midday blue UV shield

$20.70 | 80ml

All Skin Types

Next, is the Klairs Midday blue UV shield. This is the physical sunscreen from the midday blue line which contains both titanium oxide and zinc oxide to protect you from UVa/b rays. This sunscreen also has a lightweight, matte consistency that is a better choice for those with sensitive or oily skin. It does, however, leave a white cast and can be drying so I don’t recommend it on darker or dryer skin types.

How to use:
As a last step, apply a generous amount all over the face and wait at least 15 minutes before going outside. 

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What other cruelty-free cosmetic brands the company has?

Alongside Klairs, both of Wishtrends brands (By Wishtrend and Jungle Botanics) are Vegan, eco-friendly and cruelty-free. They are also affiliated with other cruelty-free cosmetic brands on their website such as the popular Cosrx, I’m from, Skin&Lab and my current favorite Rovectin

I’m From, By Wishtrend, Jungle Botanics + product recommedation 

If you’re on the look for the Best Dear Klairs products on the Wishtrend website, Why not take a look at some of their other brands?

I’m particularly a fan of the Mugwort and rice line from I’m from, Rovectins daily cleanser and all in one lotion essence. and, Lastly, of course, Wishtrends own brand ‘by Wishtrend’ has some amazing products such as their Mandelic acid toner and also, Green tea enzyme powder for gentle exfoliation.

korean gentle exfoliator

And, there you have Klairs Best Products for ALL Skin types. As you can see Klairs is a solid brand that can fit a number of different skin types. and, If you couldn’t find anything here then definitely check out the other brands on that are bound to suit your needs.

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