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Korean Skin Care Routine: 10 Steps

Opting for a skincare regimen is a healthy and vital step that anybody can take in their life for beautiful skin and added confidence. The K beauty products are loved and used worldwide due to their effective and safe healing actions on the skin. Their popularity is also gaining pace every day, and people are following the 10 steps Korean skin care routine more than ever.

People face a lot of challenges when they start a skincare regimen, and it happens in cases where they don’t do proper research before using products that don’t go well with their skin type. Knowing your skin type and what works best for you is very important before you opt for any skincare product. From now on, choose cosmetics by looking at the ingredients to see if they match or do not match your skin. We will let you know which preservatives, fragrances, and harmful ingredients in cosmetics to stay away from to have the flawless skin you’ve always wanted.

the 10 steps Korean skin care routine that you could follow

But not all steps must be followed every day. Depending on the season, it is recommended that you use the products selectively according to your skin condition.

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Cleansing Water / Oil: First step in Korean skin care routine

The first step in the Korean skin care routine, or any other skincare routine for that matter, is cleansing. Using cleansing water not only absorbs oil and dirt but also keeps them from getting smeared on your face. On days when you wear heavy makeup, it’s recommended that you use cleansing oil rather than cleansing water for a cleaner and less irritating makeup removal. Moreover, when wearing waterproof makeup it is best to use an eye makeup remover for a faster and non-irritating result. It’s more important than expensive eye creams to prevent eye wrinkles. Click here for hydrating and non-irritating cleansing water.

best korean cleansers
Beset Korean Cleansers

Face Cleanser

 After finishing step 1 of cleansing your face with water, oil, and makeup remover, the next step is to lightly wash your face one more time. Cleansing your face for a long time can irritate your skin, so it is recommended to use a gel or foam type cleanser for less than 2 minutes to finish cleansing. For healthy skin, use a weakly acidic cleanser to balance your skin’s ph level. Best Korean cleansers can be found here.


The use of an exfoliator is not a must after cleansing your skin every day. But using an exfoliator once a week or every two weeks works wonders on your skin by getting rid of all the dead skin cells and unclogging pores. It is also used to get an even skin tone and prevent acne. Also, exfoliators help your skin absorb makeup as well as absorb the effective ingredients found in moisturizers and serums. So, including a Korean exfoliator to your skincare routine can really help you get on track.  If you want to check the best Korean exfoliators, head here.

best Korean gentle exfoliator
Best Korean Gentle Exfoliators


Toners are very helpful in removing skin-damaging toxins that get accumulated on our skin from the environment. These toxins include smog, smoke, and other such chemical residues that damage our skin. The use of a toner can help you get a healthier and brighter complexion. The long-term benefits of using toner include the prevention of acne and little to no acne scarring. Many of you may think that adding a toner to your skincare regimen is not essential but, on the contrary, toner is one of the most essential parts of the Korean skincare routine. Here you are on the list of the best selling toners in Korea.

Best Toner Pads
Korean Toner Pads for Skin Types


As compared to a toner, a facial essence is rather thick with higher contents of active ingredients. It is created in a way that boosts deeper penetration into the skin for more effective results. The use of essence helps balance your skin once you have cleansed, exfoliated, and used a toner on your skin. It adds hydration to your skin for a glowing complexion and a healthy look on your face.


Adding Korean ampoule to your skincare routine can help you get amazing results which will definitely add a boost of confidence. It works wonders as an anti-aging product and defends your skin against toxins and other such pollutants we come face to face with on a daily basis. It also helps in moisturizing and hydrating the dry skin for a supple look. The hyaluronic acid present in K beauty ampoule helps to moisten your skin too. Head to this post to check the best Korean ampoules.

best korean essence
Best Korean Essence, Serum & Ampoule


Most of the products of skincare in Korea include topical antioxidants, some of which are vitamin A, C, and E. Korean face serum also has topical retinol and such elements that help even out the skin tone. It would be best if you used serums before applying moisturizers for maximum benefits such as targeted treatment for redness, pigmentation, whitening, and wrinkles. Honestly, you do not have to put on essence, ampoule, and serum all at the same time. Choose the product that has ingredients that answers your biggest skin concern. Here you can check the best Korean face serum.

Sheet Mask

There are various types of sheet masks available in the market, but you should choose the ones that aim at resolving your skin concern. Sheet masks are very helpful in deeply hydrating your skin, giving your skin a beautiful glow from within. It firms your skin and helps in rejuvenating your look. It reduces the dullness of your complexions, brightens your skin, detoxifies your skin of various environmental toxins, and treats acne too. Click here for the top 6 Korean face sheet masks with the hottest ingredients for soothing and brightening.

best Korean face mask
Korean Face Masks

Eye Cream

No matter how regularly you follow your Korean skincare routine, until and unless your eyes look bright and healthy, you’ll continue to look dull. As the skin under your eyes is sensitive, there are more chances of you getting fine lines, dark circles, and even wrinkles around that area. Eye cream helps in nourishing the skin under your eyes and replenishing it with moisture. It also helps in getting rid of dullness and adds brightness to your eyes. For the best Korean eye creams for dark circles and wrinkles, click here.

korean eye cream best seller
Korean Eye Creams for Wrinkles & Dark circles

Moisturizer : Last Step in a Korean skin care routine

The use of a moisturizer is mandatory in every 10 steps Korean skin care routine. Moisturizers help in preventing dryness and are especially useful in winters. They also slow the process of aging, fights acne, soothes your skin, and protect your skin from the damages of the pollutants present outdoors and indoors alike. Please check this post about the best Korean moisturizers.


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