K beauty is becoming increasingly popular, and there is a high level of satisfaction with Korean cosmetics by consumers around the world. In addition to Korean makeup products, there are many great skincare products made from excellent ingredients. These days, skincare products made with effective ingredients are most popular among Koreans. These products have no harmful ingredients that can adversely affect your skin. Moreover, based on the ranking of beauty products from more than 4 million reviews by Korean consumers and cosmetic experts, the best-selling and most excellent Korean moisturizers were selected. All eight products are non-hazardous and should be selected considering your skin type and current skin condition.

Let’s see the best Korean moisturizers for your skin type

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Innisfree Derma Formula Green Tea Probiotics Cream

Size: 50ml | Price: $20

Innisfree, one of the popular Korean cosmetic brands, is famous for its natural organic resources from Jeju Island, Korea. Innisfree Derma Formula Green Tea Probiotics Cream launched in 2019 is made from green tea probiotics, one of the staple products of Jeju Island. Green Tea Lactic Acid Bacteria Fermentation ingredient boosts nutrients and cares the damaged skin. Moreover, ceramides and Amore Pacific’s patented ingredients adds to the strength of your skin barrier. It’s void of 10 harmful ingredients such as parabens, fragrances, silicone oil, and PEG. The moisture level was great and it felt good on my skin. Though the absorption was a little slow, the cream was persistent overnight and my skin was still moist in the morning. 

But if you have sensitive skin, I would recommend you to test it before using just in case your skin could react to the fermentation ingredients. 

If you want to check more details of Innisfree moisturizer and my review, check this post.

Real Barrier Intense Moisture Cream

Size: 50ml | Price: $28

Real Barrier Intense Moisture Cream is one of the best-selling Korean moisturizers in the winter season. It has over 300,000 consumer review data from GlowPick, a beauty ranking application. It is also the best-selected moisturizer from Get it Beauty, the popular Korean TV show. Lastly, it is the second bestselling item at the Shilla Duty-Free as well. The best part about this product is that its ph level is at 4.5, which is perfect for the skin. Second, Ceramides, Cholesterol, and Fatty Acid help keep skin stay healthy. Third, Panthenol, Allantoin, and Madecassoside give the skin a calming effect. The rich and creamy moisturizer has a slightly orange-scent. I recommend it for dry skin and also for oily skin types who need more moisture.

Etude house SOON JUNG Hydro Barrier Cream   

Size: 75ml | Price: $20

Etude House SOON JUNG products are very good in price compared to the great ingredients. The best ingredients for recovering the skin barrier were made into this moisturizer. There is 2% panthenol, 0.1% madecassoside, and a very high content 92.2% of hydrating ingredients to keep the skin moisturized. Also, it is free of 9 harmful ingredients like fragrances, silicone oil, PEG, etc. Not to mention, its pH level is 5.5 which is a mildly acidic formula that is close to the skin’s natural pH level. The moisturizer is light, not oily, and has very good absorbency. When I tried it, my skin was moist until the morning.

Dr. Jart+ Vital Hydra Solution Biome Water Cream 

Size: 75ml | Price: $20

Dr. Jart Vital Hydra Solution Biome Water Cream is newly released in 2019 by Dr. Jart, who is known for its mask packs and Cicapair Cream. You can expect the water biomes to hydrate and prebiotics to boost your skin. It also contains niacinamide, which is effective in whitening, and adenosine, which aids in anti-wrinkling. The moisturizing gel-type cream is best suitable for use in summer. It is less sticky and great to put on at night like a sleeping pack, you will see that your skin has improved in the morning. Furthermore, it completed skin irritation test, sensitive penal test, and highly recommended for dry, irritated, and tight skin.

Zeroid Intensive Ointment Cream 

Size: 80ml | Price: $48

Zeroid is a popular dermatology cosmetic brand in Korea. Zeroid Intensice Ointment Cream is recommended for people with atopic dermatitis in dermatology clinics. In the cream, there are Neopharm’s patented ingredients called defensamide which helps promote the formation of the antibacterial peptides. Moreover, the most remarkable feature is that it contains ceramide, cholesterol and fatty acid that make the cream has better absorption to strengthen the skin barrier. Also, it’s unique in that it uses plant sterol (phytosterol) instead of the common cholesterol. The cream is rich and the moisture lasts for a very long time and does not have hazardous ingredients. It is a little bit pricy but has skin-friendly ingredients acceptable for children’s use and exceptional for highly dry skin.

The Saem DERMA PLAN Sensitive Soothing Treatment 

Size: 30ml | Price: $20

Following, the Saem Derma Plan Peeling toner pad, one of the most sold skincare products in Korea, is the Sensitive Soothing treatment. This treatment is in the same line as the Saem toner pad and is also highly recommended. In addition, it completed 5 clinical tests: soothing property test, protection against skin damage test, sensitivity test, allergy test, and safety test. It will not cause trouble even to the super sensitive skin. Not only has it patented with 7 botanical ingredients, but it also has skin effective ingredients like panthenol and madecassoside. The treatment is not sticky but watery like an essence, and the absorption is quick. The Sensitive Soothing treatment is best for calming the skin during the holiday seasons or when the time of the month for women is coming.

Makeprem Safe me relief moisture cream 12

Size: 80ml | Price: $28

Cosmetics with too many ingredients may have an adverse effect on the skin. Generally, products with fewer than 30 ingredients are known to be good for sensitive skin. Makeprem safe me relief moisture cream 12 is the perfect cream for people looking for low-irritation cream. Only 12 ingredients there’re in it. In addition, this mild and lightweight moisturizer contents 93% natural ingredients like sage oil and bergamot. It also has Nordic berry extract which has antiocidation and squalane to boost moisture. The moisture balance and absorbency is great as well. It is suitable for all skin types and good for daily morning and evening use. It also maintains a weak acidity level of pH 5 and uses only EWG-verified ingredients. However, since it contains natural oils, if your skin reacts to the product with natural oil it might be best to use another one.

Aestura AtoBarrier 365 Lotion

Size: 150ml | Price: $36

Aestura is also one of the common Dermatology Cosmetics brands in Korea that is a leader on MEDI BEAUTY. Besides, it won many beauty awards by customers among tons of Korean moisturizers in the market. The main ingredient is DermaOn, patented ingredient of Amore Pacific and Aestura, protects the skin and keeps the moisture long. It has panthenol, ceramide, cholesterol, and fatty acid, which all strengthens the skin barrier to keep your skin healthy. Also, it completed 3 clinical tests: Dermatologist test, Hypoallergic test, and Sensitive panel test. So I would recommend it to those whose skin does not fit shea butter and natural oils. Furthermore, Aestura AtoBarrier 365 lotion is a thin lotion type and it quickly absorbs moisturizing the skin for a long time. Korean moisturizers tip is to first apply the lotion on a cotton pad, then pat it on the face for a full moisture coverage.

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