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Korean Youtubers on K-beauty: Skincare and Makeup

Korean Youtubers to Follow

There are 2.3 billion users on YouTube, and youtube is open in more than a hundred countries and can be accessed in eighty several languages. You can discover new trends of any country in just a few seconds, no matter how far away you are. It’s a powerful platform for marketers or every person who has the guts to do something unique; skincare and makeup influencers are among them. Korean beauty influencers are viral on youtube; they also earned a considerable fan following on social media platforms. Thousands of content creators share unique K-beauty trends and secret tips there. If you want to know the most popular Korean beauty YouTubers, we have a list of beauty creators you should subscribe to. 

Best 9 Korean Beauty YouTubers

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Pony Syndrome 포니

Pony Syndrome is a South Korean make-up artist, blogger, and beauty YouTuber with over 5.84M subscribers. She is renowned as a beauty guru and has gained a massive following across all regions. The most number of followers are from Korea. She created colorful looks using mixed bright and vivid colors; these colorful looks make her unique and flawless. 

Makeup was not her first professional choice; she was a graphic designer and had a naturally creative side growing up. Gradually, her interest covert in makeup and started seeing makeup as a way of art and a form of expression too. Pony has recently launched her cosmetic line titled “The Pony Effect; she has an impressive background in charge of CL’s make-up, which enhances her reputation as a beauty blogger.

Risabae 이사배

In Korea. Risabae is one of the most famous beauty influencers, beauty bloggers, and K-pop singers on YouTube and has 2.26M subscribers. She brings unique and fun-related content in every video, like celebrity transformation videos and makeup tutorial videos. Millions of people follow her to know more about different beauty and makeup products. She makes detailed-oriented tutorials that are helpful for beginners to learn the basics of makeup. She infrequently vlogs about her life and talks about different outfits that she has enjoyed wearing. Her secret makeup tips can enhance your natural beauty, and she offers tutorials for daily, simple makeup looks that anyone can create.

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SSIN 씬님 

SSIN is a very well-known Youtuber with over 1.55M subscribers. She uploads 10-minutes video clips in which she recreates dramatic make-up looks inspired by anime and K-pop idols. She teaches her looks in great detail, and even if you are a beginner and want to learn makeup techniques, be sure that you are picking up her tips to turn your makeup into a gorgeous glam look. Also, she reviews various beauty products and lingeries for her followers. 


She is a Korean beauty influencer on YouTube with 1.18M subscribers who uploads makeup and hair videos. She explained that she was a former game company employee, but now she is not a company employee. Before she started YouTube, she ran a beauty blog, but after becoming a YouTuber, she posted cosmetic reviews relatively honestly. Bad products are even carefully edited with a frowning expression and sound effects. She is famous for reviewing extraordinary beauty products, and her level is unrivaled. 

Also, she is fluent in Japanese, so Korean and Japanese are used when you see the video title. Japanese viewers pointed out Japanese as like written language, but she is good enough to communicate smoothly.

Lamuqe 라뮤끄

Lamuqe is a fantastic skincare and makeup Korean Youtuber with 1.3M subscribers. Her content is beneficial if you are looking to create natural looks that enhance your youthful look, and then go and subscribe to her channel. She provides incredible tips on her channel to achieve youthful and smooth skin, even without makeup, and creates makeup tutorials for beginners. He guides hairstyles and fashion that any girl in her 20s or 30s can create at home. That’s why her audience is made up of women mainly of 20 to 30 age.

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Director Pi 디렉터파이

Director Pi is a former beauty influencer. Her YouTube channel has 875k subscribers, and every video contains a wealth of information. She once hosted the Korean beauty show “After School Beauty Bible” and “Get It Beauty.” She focuses on the ingredients in various cosmetics – not just Korean! She also reviews and compares products from France, the United States, and Germany. Now, most of her videos include English subtitles for your viewing pleasure. If you are struggling to find skincare products that are right on your skin type, subscribe to this channel and try Director Pi’s pick!

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UNA 유나

Beauty creator UNA 유나 has 807k subscribers on youtube, famous for various juice syndromes such as whitening juice and belly fat juice. She made several informative videos about skincare taking advantage of her experience working in a cosmetics company for many years. Plus, she goes in-depth about skincare ingredients with English subtitles that will help you to choose the best fit Korean beauty products for your skin type.

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Korean Beauty YouTubers Not from Korea


Heyitsfeiii is a well-known YouTuber known for her informative reviews of Korean beauty products. Even though she is not Korean, the Heyitsfeiii channel is one of the K-pop culture leaders in the US. Her 1.62M subscribers love her because She’s honest, real, and freaking funny. Fei’s popular videos include her review of peel-off lip tints and a variety of intense blackhead-clearing products. In her one video, she tries a peel-off sticky carbon mask and then zooms deep into the mask after it’s been peeled off to show her sebum that’s been sucked out of her nose in all its glory. 

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Sichen is an incredible skincare and makeup YouTuber with 1.36M subscribers. You’ll enjoy Sichen’s channel if you want to know top Korean makeup trends. Sichen uses affordable K-beauty products and creates unusual looks every day, from smoky to sweet. You will find dreamy, ethereal quality in her videos that’s very calming to watch. Even if you don’t wear regular makeup, you will be enchanted by the look she makes. She shares soft echoes makeup styles, and even the ideal makeup looks for people who wear glasses, a look for everyone. 

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