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Best Korean Gel Nail Stickers : Ohora Nails & Dashing Diva

Ohora and Dashing Diva: Korean Gel Nail Stickers

The beautiful advancement in the field of fashion and art is making our minds and souls joyous and cheerful. The exhausted environment full of covid news can be suppressed only by your creative and happy thoughts. Looking your best with Korean Makeup Look – Trend & Tricks in 2021 is not complete without talking about Korean gel sticker nails. The perfect beauty item when we talk about creativity and art in the fashion industry. The best go-to brands for gel sticker nails are Ohora nails and Dashing Diva nails. Let’s discuss both in detail:

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Ohora Nails : Korean Gel Nail Stickers

Ohora nails are brilliant semi-cured nails that are amazingly made up of real liquid gel. The versatility of shapes in these nails is the main reason why people adore these nails. Ohora nails are 60% cured and the remaining gets cured under a UV lamp. Enjoy the flexibility and parlor-like firmness of these nails for up to 14 days with an ultimate glossy shine.

Nude colors and Pastel colors are super trendy summer nails these days because you can wear them on your summer beach parties as well as your concert nights. The addition of pastel art or colorful beads in nude colors makes it super amazing for your personality.

Mid-length square and square, oval shapes are the most demanding shape of this year. Girls are more towards natural shapes rather than sharp, peaked nails. You feel more comfortable in short lengths and square, rounded shapes if you have to wear them up to a few weeks.

How to Apply Ohora Nails

Wash your hands before applying the gel nail sticker to remove extra stuff on your nail bed. Then select your favorite semi-cured gel nail sticker and apply it on your nail bed carefully. Let it cure completely by putting your nails under a UV lamp. Trim or cure the final look of your nails. You can also add a top coat on your gel nail sticker to enhance their look.

The Price of Ohora Nails

The price range of Ohora nails is so affordable between 12 dollars to 20 dollars. But it is worth the use. These easy-to-use gel nail stickers give you the perfect mani and pedi finish with amazing and comfortable results.

Where to Buy Ohora Nails

Ohora nails are not hard to find. Don’t worry, you can take hot selfies at home on these exhausting days by getting Ohora nails online. Amazon and Alibaba both are offering Ohora nails. Ohora store and official website are also offering amazing deals for these gel sticker nails. Many other Korean and international beauty websites are selling these nails. So Enjoy your summer with beautiful Ohora nails.

Dashing Diva : Korean Gel Nail Stickers

Dashing Diva! It’s all in the name girls :). Dashing diva nails are just like its brand name, dashing and dazzling. Dashing Diva gel nail stickers are beyond amazing. And guess what’s the interesting side? Dashing diva offers two styles of gel nails. One that doesn’t need a UV lamp is Magic Press and the one that needs a UV lamp to complete cured look is Glaze.

Magic Press is for matte nails and Glaze is for gloss lovers. If you are a matte lover and love to have a plain yet natural look, then you should go for the Magic Press. The best thing about Magic press is that it is a quick process. Working ladies? Magic press is waiting for you! Yes, Magic Press is perfect for ladies, having a tough routine. Buy a kit and stick the gel nails on your nail bed in few seconds.

Glaze gel nails feel romantic and poetic from their name and glossy finish. Glaze gel nails are long-lasting as well as more beautiful than the Magic Press. Its shiny texture spreads a sparkling glow all around your personality. Glaze Gel nails are half cured and the remaining is cured by LED Lamp.

Dashing Diva has its own place in the Korean beauty market due to its long-lasting and easy usage. Dashing Diva gel nail strips can be coated with different nail colors or you can buy gel nail stickers with beautiful nail art. Depends on you. Whether you want to try your own creative thoughts or go with plane gel stickers.

How to Apply Dashing Dive Gel Nail Stickers

Usage of dashing diva is almost the same as Ohora gel nails, but we have heard many reviews about the quick and easy application of Dashing Diva. Moreover, wash your hands properly before using dashing diva nails to remove any dirt or oil from the nail bed. Then, using a prep pad, already present in the nail kit. Prep pad prepares your nail for further application of gel nails and topcoats.

Oval, rounded, and squared nail shapes are the hottest trend this year. What’s better than a comfortable trend? These shapes look super hot yet super comfortable for your routine work. Funky and light summer hues become every girl attraction because your eyes want peaceful sights and these summery hues are perfect for peaceful vibes.

Where to Buy Dashing Diva

Dashing Diva gel nails are available at many Korean and international beauty stores’ websites. You buy them online and in stores both. Dashing Diva official website also offers amazing deals for their buyers. Go and buy Dashing diva gel nails at very affordable prices from $15 to $20. Be ready to enhance your summer look with super-easy and mind-blowing designs of dashing diva gel nails. Enjoy your swimming parties all day long without getting worried about your nails.

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