how to draw korean eyebrows

How to Draw Natural-looking Korean Eyebrows

It does not matter whether you are a hardcore K-pop fan, a casual K-drama watcher, or simply aware of certain Korean celebrities. You might have seen Korean beauty and its trends take over social media. Spearheaded by Korean skincare, Korean makeup styles have also appeared on the global radar. One of the most popular makeup trends is Korean eyebrows. Indeed, Korean celebrities have been seen with this famous straight or slightly curved eyebrow look. But why is it so popular?

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Why are the Korean eyebrows straight?

korean eyebrows
Source: Soompi

As you can see, the perfect K-beauty look focuses a lot on enhancing the person’s natural features without piling on too much product. This shows Koreans value looking young and innocent, with big eyes and a kind expression. Of course, a straight eyebrow is not strictly a Korean feature, but it is a feature they tend to have naturally, so going in that direction is also easier in terms of makeup technique.

In K-beauty, makeup artists have perfected said technique by allowing the eyebrow’s tail to gently curve, framing the eyes but not overwhelming them. That way, the focus can be on the big eyes and eye makeup while still having the face look framed to perfection.

How can I get natural Korean eyebrows?

korean eyebrows
Source: Sham Hae

Many seem to believe that K-beauty belongs to certain people only, but that is far from true! Anyone can adapt the basic technique. You can customize your eyebrows to channel the original style while framing your face in your way! All you need is the right product and the basic technique.

YouTube has plenty of tutorials from Korean influencers showing the original K-beauty brow. While they all have their specific style, here is the basic step-by-step!

korean eyebrows
Source: Preview

How to draw Korean brows

  1. Start with brushing your eyebrows upwards with an eyebrow brush and untangle them if needed.
  2. If your eyebrows are not naturally full, fear not! Those with little hair can use a brow pencil’s pointy end to draw hair-like strokes upwards to fill in any gap.
  3. Next, use the brush to brush the end of the brow towards the side of your face, following a straight line. At this point, you can start giving them the wanted straight shape. You can pluck the end or follow its natural shape if your brow is curved. It’s all up to you!
  4. Using a brow pencil, lightly fill at the end of the brow and gradually form a slightly pointy end.
  5. This is optional, but you can clean up around the eyebrow end with concealer to give it a sharper shape.

I assume that some of you will ask: “what products can I use?” or “what color should I apply?”

korean eyebrows
Source: Pinterest

In terms of colors, I have always seen that K-beauty lovers adapt their brow color to their hair. Therefore, the choice is yours! However, I always recommend never going full black and staying in the brown shades for the most natural effect.

korean eyebrows
Source: Kpopping

This is easy in terms of product, as Korean cosmetic has a very large selection of brow products. The typical brow pencil has a colored end and a brush end for a 2-in-1 effect.

 Here are my top 5 Korean eyebrow products in terms of quality, popularity, and color choice.

Korean Eyebrow Product Recommendations

ETUDE Drawing Eyebrow

etude eyebrow
Source: Beauty Monster

Etude Drawing Eyebrow has been a steady seller for a long time. A brush is on one side, and a tip is on the other. The triangular shape on the tips is good news for you if you are well versed in makeup! Indeed, the triangular tip is a great innovation that helps apply the colors as precisely as possible for smooth and even faux eyebrow hairs. Definitely, this is one of Etude’s bestsellers that gets tons of 5-star reviews by customers due to its soft, natural color, and long-lasting effect. 7 colors are available, and you can choose according to your hair color and makeup tone!


Etude House Makeup Bestsellers

CLIO Kill Brow Auto Hard Eyebrow Pencil

The representative Korean makeup brand, Clio‘s products are excellent, especially for eye makeup. Their best-selling eyeliner or mascara technology is applied to eyebrows products as well. So, it has the advantage of being waterproof while it’s a natural-looking finish.



Last updated on March 3, 2024 9:23 pm

Clio Makeup Bestsellers

THE FACE SHOP FMGT Designing Eyebrow

face shop eyebrow
Source: The Face Shop

These Korean eyebrow pencils from The Face Shop have something in common. It sports a triangular shape on the tips. If you do not have much hair, you can essentially “draw” them onto your skin, and the effect will be completely natural. The ink is slightly adhesive for a long-lasting effect and does not clump up. Make sure to brush the overall brow for a more feathery look!


The Face Shop Bestsellers

PONY EFFECT Sharping Brow Definer

Source: Memebox

The Brow Definer from Pony Effect has an ultra-fine 1.5mm tip, giving you ultra-precise strokes for natural-looking brow hair. It is long-lasting and has shades 001, 002, and 003. If you have a deeper skin tone, I highly recommend shade 003.


SKINFOOD Choco Eyebrow Powder Cake

skinfood eyebrow
Source: Amazon

Last but not least: if you like to stick to the old-school ways or are too afraid to make a mistake, you can get started with the traditional brush and palette combination. This SKINFOOD palette will help apply the color quickly and comfortably, and the powder will be easier to clean up in case of faux pas. Fun fact: the powder formula contains actual cacao and helps strengthen the eyebrow and prevent hair loss!


The Korean eyebrows, or, as I like to call them, the K-beauty Eyebrows, are more of a process than a specific shape that all have to copy. It is more about the colors and texture (feathery and not overwhelming), which makes it even more accessible to anyone who wishes to try it out. I recommend looking at the tutorials on YouTube, and you will be able to channel your favorite K-star in no time!

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