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I’m From Rice Toner Review & FAQ – Vegan Korean Skincare

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I’m From Rice Toner Review

Clean Beauty Korean Brand – I’m From

Among many Korean skincare bestsellers, I’ve used I’m From Rice Toner at this time and would like to share what I felt. As I have super sensitive and dry skin, clean beauty is my priority to try a new skincare product. The biggest reason to choose it is the simple (simple is the best for sensitive skin) yet effective ingredients with a high concentration of fermented rice extract and active ingredients like Niacinamide and Adenosine. They are well-known superstars in skincare by brightening skin tone and reducing fine lines.


I use this toner after cleansing with a mild-acidic form cleanser for skin pH balancing. The first impression of I’m from rice toner is very watery and hydrating which is great for dull, irritated skin. You might be surprised that Rice water has been used by many Korean women since the Joseon Dynasty because it is a great t ingredient to protect your skin barrier by preventing moisture to leave.

Key Ingredients

Also, Rice water clears dead skin cells naturally to brighten and freshen skin. This toner contains 77.78 percent Rice Extract, Niacinamide which are excellent for whitening, and Adenosine for elasticity care. So, I could recommend it for those to want to moisturize dry and tired skin and skin tone-up.

Smell & Package

It’s almost a no-scent product. I tend to prefer products without artificial fragrance, which is a plus for me. Moreover, this vegan Korean cosmetic brand has a simple package and transparent container so I can check the remaining amount easily.

Buying Tips!

Frequently on sale on websites that offer the brand, so if you live somewhere that has a real winter, I think it’s a fantastic buy for the forthcoming cold season. Let’s learn everything there is to know about I’m From Rice Toner.

What does the I’m From Rice Toner do?

With the help of I’m From Rice toner, bright and healthy skin is possible; enabling you to have confidence! It hydrates and brightens dull, irritated skin. This toner, made with pulverized Yeoju rice, helps to remove impurities from deep inside the skin and exfoliates the complexion for smoother, moisturized skin. I’m From Rice toner is beneficial for both dull, weary skin and dry, irritated skin. Simply apply with your hands or cotton around the entire face. It is also suitable for use as a face spray.

Does I’m From Rice Toner whiten skin?

Rice toner manages to create a protective barrier over the skin to prevent water loss, remove dead skin cells, and re-balance dry and fatigued barriers. This toner is designed to lighten the skin. Rice extract with a concentration of 77.78 percent aids in collagen formation and has a high water retention rate, both of which serve to plump the skin.

I’m From Rice Toner’s antioxidants also protect the skin from free radicals, which help to delay the appearance of aging. This vitamin E-rich substance nourishes and softens the skin. And, of course, rice extract is well-known for its brightening effects, which aid in the lightening of pigmentation and the evenness of dull skin.

Can I use I’m From Rice toner every day?

You can use rice water as a toner twice a day and a facial mask or rinse once a day. Toner is one of the best ways to moisturize your skin. As you cleanse your face, you also wash away the natural oils produced from your skin. Toner is the fastest way to not only moisturize but also cleanse your skin. Find a toner that suits your skin condition best. It is the first thing you put on after cleansing so finding the right one is essential. I’m From Rice toner is full of vitamins to brighten and moisture your dull skin.

Is I’m From Rice toner good for acne?

I’m From Rice Toner is one of the best multi-benefit over-the-counter skincare actives, with numerous anti-aging properties. It helps to remove hyper-pigmentation, black spots, uneven skin tone and promotes skin brightness and radiance by increasing cell turnover. It increases collagen formation and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles.

I’m From Rice Toner can also aid in lessening the appearance of pimples and acne by balancing sebum production. It also helps to strengthen the skin’s natural moisture barrier, which keeps hydration and moisture locked in.

How do you use I’m From rice toner?

Before using the bottle, give it a good shake to combine the individual layers. You can use this after cleansing or after lighter consistency toners, essences, or ampoules, depending on your skin condition or type. You can use cotton pads as well. We prefer to use our hands to apply the toner to our faces, gently patting it in place. Both suitable in the your morning and evening skincare routine.

Is I’m From Rice Toner fermented?

I’m From Rice Toner has a phenomenal 77.78 percent rice extract in it. That’s much focus and an excellent method to convey all of the positive aspects. From the 77.78 percent rice extract, 73 percent is from fermented rice germ extract. During the fermentation process, the natural extracts are broken down so your skin can absorb the nutrients more quickly.

Is Rice Toner good for skin?

It’s a gentle moisturizing toner that gives precisely the appropriate amount of moisture for my mixed skin. If you have dehydrated skin, you may easily apply a few more layers of this toner. It has a clarifying and balancing effect and is suitable for all skin types, including dry, normal, combination, and oily skin that needs hydration.

I’m From Rice Toner Ingredients

It contains the following ingredients: rice extract, methylpropanediol, triethylhexanoin, hydrogenated poly (C6-14 olefin), nicotinamide, pentylene glycol, standard purslane extract, rice bran extract, Japanese elm bark extract, amaranthus caudatus seed extract, hydrogenated lecithin, distilled water, polyglyceryl-10-myristate, Butylene glycol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Adenosine, Cellulose gum, and 1,2-Hexanediol.

Key ingredients

  • Skin brightening: Niacinamide, Rice Extract
  • Anti-aging: Niacinamide, Adenosine
  • Anti-acne: Niacinamide
  • Soothing & Antioxidant: Common Purslane Extract

Is the I’m From Rice toner vegan?

Yes, I’m From Rice Toner is vegan, cruelty-free, and free of artificial colors and perfumes. Check more Korean vegan cosmetic brands HERE.

Is rice water good for acne?

Rice water contains compounds that protect and rejuvenate your skin. Many individuals claim that applying rice water directly to the skin would relax it, clean up blemishes caused by skin illnesses like eczema, and aid in healing.

Based on what we know about the properties of rice water, there is reason to suppose that some of these assertions are correct.

How to use rice water for skin in Korea?

Rice water is hydrating, brightening, soothing, and anti-aging in a nutshell. If you look at Korean skincare procedures, you will see that rice is one of the most common beauty ingredients. Korean women are well-known for having perfect, radiant skin.

In a bowl, soak half a cup of rice in 2 glasses of filtered water. After a few hours, rinse the rice and freeze the water in an ice cube tray. Every morning, take one out and gently massage it onto your face.

You can find more products from I’m From here.


So that’s the I’m From Rice Toner’s review. This Toner is ideal for the toning part of your skincare routine. It has a lightweight and watery nature, and with the prolonged application, it gives many skincare benefits such as moisturizing and brightening the skin.

While I’m From Rice Toner is suitable for all skin types, those with dull, dehydrated, or dry skin, as well as those with mature or aging skin, will benefit the most from it because of its hydrating and moisturizing properties.

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