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How to Use Some By Mi for Oily Acne Prone Skin – Korean Skincare

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Some By Mi brand story

To keep up with the expanding trend and increasing demand for natural, organic, and vegan beauty goods, Korean firm SOME BY MI has created a line of cosmetics as well as skin care products that are suitable for all skin types. SOME BY MI is a brand name created by combining the terms “something” and “by a miracle” with the Korean word “mi,” which means “beautiful.” Nature, according to SOME BY MI, is where the actual miracle workers for healthy skin may be found. All of the brand’s items are produced with moderate and skin-friendly components that are devoid of dangerous chemicals including such colorants as well as parabens.

What I like most about Some By Mi brand is that they open all ingredients clearly and aim to make products without any inconvenience such as texture, package, and skin irritation. If you have oily skin or acne-prone skin, I highly recommend trying to use a skincare item from Some By Mi. You’ll see the real miracle on your skin as their wish. 😉

Skincare routine for acne prone / oily skin

Acne and oily skin is one of the most often talked about skin problems, and we get a lot of questions about it. Whatever your acne problem is, whether you have chronic acne or just occasional breakouts, it’s critical that you follow a skincare regimen that will help cure current acne blemishes while also avoid future acne outbreaks. Here are steps to help maintain a healthy balanced skin for oily skin.

1 Step. Double Cleansing

korean double cleansing guide

The double cleansing approach is one of the most effective secrets of the Korean skincare regimen. It begins with the use of an oil-based cleanser and is followed by the application of a water-based cleanser. When dealing with acne-prone skin, it is necessary to eliminate any makeup, sunscreen as well as any other pollutants accumulated during the day and do a thorough cleansing. Check HERE to read the Korean double cleansing guide.


SOME BY MI - AHA,BHA,PHA 30 Days Miracle Acne Clear Foam 100ml

$12.00  in stock
as of January 26, 2022 2:03 pm

Brand from South Korea: SOME BY MI. An acne-clearing cleanser that combines AHA, BHA, and PHA with a proprietary blend of skin-calming ingredients for clean, healthy skin.Benefits: Contains 5,000ppm of Salicylic acid and AHA, BHA, PHA for dead skin cell c

2 Step. Mild Chemical Exfoliant

To acne-prone skins, exfoliation is essential. To help stop and decrease acne, scars, and pimples, you should exfoliate your skin 1-2 times each week to get rid of those dead skin cells to unclog those clogged pores. Luckily, AHA is a great exfoliant when removing dead skin cells while also giving your skin a healthy glow. If you have dry and easily chapped skin AHA is your best friend. Try this Super Matcha Pore Clean Clay Mask from Some By Mi and see why so many are being sold by the seconds. It contains a high amount of Matcha which cleanses the skin well and takes care of the elasticity of pores. Plus, the natural BHA ingredient, White Willow Bark Extract melts dead skin cells so no need to worry about clogged pores that cause breakouts.


SOME BY MI - Super Matcha Pore Clean Clay Mask 100g

$18.60  in stock
as of January 26, 2022 2:03 pm

Brand from South Korea: SOME BY MI. Benefits: Cleanses skin and offers pore care with 102,000ppm of Super Matcha. Dissolves dead skin cells without irritation with BHA ingredients. Absorbs excessive sebum, skin impurities inside pores with 120,000ppm of C

3 Step. Hydrating Toner

An excellent toner may aid in the reduction of the appearance of pores as well as the regulation of oil production. AHA BHA PHA 30Days Miracle Toner is definitely one of Some By Mi’s bestselling products. It goes perfectly after using the Acne foam cleanser. AHA exfoliates, BHA cleanses, and PHA protects your skin making it the ultimate gift for acne-prone skin. The refreshing toner cleanses residues and does not dry your skin. It can be used as a daily toner with the added benefits of tea leaf to regulate sebum and calm skin irritations.


SOME BY MI - AHA, BHA, PHA 30 Days Miracle Toner 150ml 150ml

$19.71  in stock
as of January 26, 2022 2:03 pm

Brand from South Korea: SOME BY MI. SOME BY MI AHA, BHA, PHA 30 Days Miracle Toner contains natural tea tree extract to exfoliate for a healthier skin. A tea tree toner that works wonder on your skin in 30 days! Sweeps away stubborn dead skin cells. Shrin

4 Step. Essence or Serum

Those who follow the Korean skincare regimen will find this to be a bonus step, but it is a necessary one. Essence is not a toner, but rather a fluid serum. Both of them penetrate deep under the skin to release active ingredients. So you can choose a particular target serum or essence to help you reach your skincare objectives. The decision to layer one or more serums might be influenced by the concerns you have with your skin and the amount of time you have available. Because the texture of these items is so light, they seep into the skin rather quickly.

Some By Mi AHA BHA PHA 30Days Miracle Serum has a powerful soothing effect with a bunch of plant-based formulas like Centella Asiatica and Tea Tree Extract. They actively improve the appearance of problematic skin without irritation. What’s more, AHA removes impurities and dead skin cells while BHA controls sebum production and PHA prevents moisture loss from the skin. If you are willing to try just one skincare product from Some By Mi, I’d like to recommend starting this serum!


SOME BY MI - AHA, BHA, PHA 30 Days Miracle Serum 50ml 50ml

$14.78  in stock
as of January 26, 2022 2:03 pm

Brand from South Korea: SOME BY MI - AHA, BHA, PHA 30 Days Miracle Serum 50ml 50ml

4-1 Step. Mask Time

When you feel to care of your skin with extra skincare in your routine, I suggest using facial sheet masks to provide your skin a detoxifying treatment! Basically, sheet masks may be utilized to tackle certain skin issues such as moisture challenges, winkles, or breakouts. You can choose a mask based on your skin concerns by checking the main ingredients that would make better results! Just put the sheet mask on your toned skin and remove it after 15-20 minutes (no more than 20minutes because a sheet could make your skin drier!). Then pat the rest of the essence from the mask.

In my case, I replace the night skincare routine with just a sheet mask sometimes during the summer season that is enough to hydrate and nourish my skin.


SOME BY MI - Glow Luminous Ampoule Mask - 3 Types Tea Tree Calming

$3.68  in stock
as of January 26, 2022 2:03 pm

Brand from South Korea: SOME BY MI. A sheet mask packed with highly nourishing ampoule in three solutions designed for redness, dullness, and dehydration.Size: 25g x 1pc Benefits: Three types of ampoule mask to moisture skin with naturally derived extract

Three types of Some By Mi sheet masks are made with nourishing, calming, and other beneficial components to help hydrate, brighten skin tone, and heal dry patches, acne outbreaks, blemishes, plus pigmentation mostly on skin.

5 Step. Moisturizer

Even if you have oily skin, moisturizing your skin on a daily and nightly basis is still vital. A moisturizer not only hydrates the skin but also acts as a skin barrier, keeping moisture in. If you have acne-prone or oily skin, you should avoid using thick texture creams or balm type in the winter and instead go for water-based or gel creams. AHA, BHA, PHA 30 Days Miracle Cream has a pudding-like texture and is super lightweight coming packed with Cica Extracts and Tea Tree Water.


SOME BY MI - AHA, BHA, PHA 30 Days Miracle Cream 50ml 50ml

$16.64  in stock
as of January 26, 2022 2:03 pm

Brand from South Korea: SOME BY MI - AHA, BHA, PHA 30 Days Miracle Cream 50ml 50ml

6 Step. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is only necessary on sunny days? No, this is not the case. Even when the sky is clear or rainy and the sun is shining, you should protect your skin from UVA and UVB radiation to avoid acne scars from deepening and becoming permanent. Sunscreen is essential for anti-aging and non-pigmentation.

Not only Some By Mi Truecica Mineral Sunscream is a vegan-friendly product but it also dermatology tested with a non-nano mineral formula. That means it is suitable for all skin types especially for sensitive oily skin. It’s very lightweight and slightly tone up (no white cast) you will see.


SOME BY MI Truecica Mineral Calming Tone-Up Suncream

as of July 15, 2024 1:05 pm

Some By Mi Acne Treatment

Acne Clear Spot Patch


SOME BY MI - 30 Days Miracle Clear Spot Patch 18 pcs

$5.90  in stock
as of January 26, 2022 2:03 pm

Brand from South Korea: SOME BY MI. An acne spot patch that heals pimple without popping it, while protecting it naturally without any concealer. 

When acne occurs, the most important thing is “how to care of it”. Avoid touching or squeezing with your hands, and simply applying an acne patch can help reduce inflammation. After washing your face, apply the patch to the acne-prone area in a dry state with nothing applied to make it adhere to the skin well. Because the patch blocks external contamination and hydrocolloid absorbs fluids, acne does not get bigger. The plus point of Some By Mi Acne Patch is that it comes in two types, 10mm and 12mm. So you can stick it according to the acne size. Acne scars can be reduced only by taking good care of acne when it occurs!

30 Days Miracle Tea Tree Clear Spot Oil


SOME BY MI - 30 Days Miracle Tea Tree Clear Spot Oil 10ml

$14.50  in stock
as of January 26, 2022 2:03 pm

Brand from South Korea: SOME BY MI. A clean spot oil that helps clear up acne blemishes, control excess oil, and moisturize skin.It is a GMO Free, EVE vegan certified, natural essential oil. Contains 150,000ppm of Tea Tree Oil for sebum caring. Contains T

Tea Tree is a well-known acne fight ingredient for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory actions. When acne appears on your face, apply this Some By Mi Tea Tree Clear Spot Oil to the affected area with a cotton swab. It is not thick and oily, so it is suitable for oily acne-prone skin. Not only it is a dermatology tested product, but it also is free of 20 worrisome ingredients and free silicon-oil, and free mineral-oil. Even sensitive skin can use it with confidence! In addition, it contains panthenol and allantoin that makes it’s moist and non-sticky at all and absorbs quickly. For more effective acne care, apply 1-2 drops of this tea tree oil and then cover it with the pimple patch. 😉

AHA, BHA, PHA 14 Days Super Miracle Spot All Kill Cream


SOME BY MI - AHA, BHA, PHA 14 Days Super Miracle Spot All Kill Cream 30ml

$10.32  in stock
as of January 26, 2022 2:03 pm

Brand from South Korea: SOME BY MI. A spot treatment that targets acne and treats it in 14 days.Benefits: With AHA, BHA & PHA for dead skin cells care. A dual-functional product: Whitening + Wrinkles Improvement. Purifies skin and removes makeup residues

If you are struggling with chronic problems rather than occasional sudden acne breakouts, I recommend this gel-like lightweight Acne spot cream. It brings a fast relief with Tea Tree Leaf Water (500,000ppm) and a bunch of Cica ingredients. What’s more, AHA-BHA-PHA formular exfoliates gently and controls sebum production. Some By Mi Spot All Kill Cream is super light and absorbs quickly without stickness.

Is Some By Mi good for oily skin?

All oily skin, but notably those who are prone to breakouts and acne, can benefit from the Some By Mi AHA-BHA-PHA 30 Days Miracle Line, which has been created to be mild and effective especially on oily skin. With a bunch of acne-fight ingredients like Tea Tree, Witch Hazel, Glycolic Acid,  Salicylic Acid, Lactobionic Acid, and more, it helps to reduce breakout and calm irritated skin.

Does Some By Mi have salicylic acid?

Yes, Some By Mi’s best selling line, AHA-BHA-PHA 30Days Miracle skincare products have water-soluble salicylic acid. That controls sebum production and removes dead skin cells so it refines blackheads and whiteheads. Thus Salicylic Acid is good ingredients for oily acne-prone skin.

Is Some By Mi toner effective?

One of the most popular anti-acne toners, Some By Mi AHA BHA PHA 30 Days Miracle Toner has active ingredients AHA to act as a mild exfoliant, BHA as a cleanser, and PHA as a skin protector, making the skin spotless, smooth, and radiant. It has simple yet many active ingredients like Niacinamide, Adenosine and acne-fight ingredients such as Tea Tree, Witch Hazel, Salicylic Acid, and Lactobionic Acid. That makes it suitable for oily acne-prone skin.

Which Some By Mi serum is best?

AHA, BHA, PHA SOME BY MI 30 Days Miracle Serum is the most popular and best for oily skin. Not only it helps to reduce acne problems with AHA, BHA, and PHA, but it also contains calming ingredients like Centella Asiatica (Gotu Kola), Tea Tree, Green Tea, and Niacinamide. Try it and see the real miracle!

Can I use AHA BHA PHA every day?

Apply both AHAs as well as BHAs for your specific situation. Alpha-hydroxy acid products should not be overly used. Once a day is sufficient unless you are participating in a program with either an expert who recommends differently. BHA, on the other hand, is generally considered to be safe when used on a regular basis if the product is not much concentrated on BHAs. PHA is a next generation AHAs, It gently lifts off dead skin cells and makes skin smooth and even. So, it’s suitable especially for sensitive skin without problems on daily basis use.

Can I use Some By Mi in the morning?

Yes, with stabilized formular, you can use Some By Mi AHA BHA PHA 30Days Miracle line products once a day in your skincare regimen, both in the morning or the evening. However, I recommend using it rather at night time because AHA can make your skin more sensitive to the sun.

Is Some By Mi paraben free?

Yes, Some By Mi’s skincare products are paraben-free, also free of skin worrisome ingredients. They thinks that nature provides the actual miracle work for healthy skin. Thus, the company creates its products using gentle, skin-friendly components. The products are devoid of dangerous chemicals like colorants as well as parabens.

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