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10 Korean Skincare Ingredients for Glowy Skin

Nothing can beat Koreans when it comes to skincare and cosmetic products. Koreans are not only launching new beauty products, but they are spreading awareness of the top ingredients used in the Korean beauty industry. In this post, we will walk you through the best Korean Skincare ingredients found in Korean beauty products.

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Most Popular Korean Skincare Ingredients

Snail Mucin

In the K-beauty industry, Snail Mucin has become mainstream. From moisturizers to lotions and face packs, Snail Mucin is a prime ingredient in most cosmetic products. The gel-like, smooth texture of snail mucin feels incredibly light on your skin.

The ingredient is 100% cruelty-free since the mucous left by snails when they are moving is used for manufacturing skincare ingredients. The process doesn’t involve harming snails. The ingredient has healing properties. It helps in cell regeneration, collagen production, and more.


This vitamin-B-rich ingredient is another commonly used skin care ingredient in the Korean beauty industry. It relieves pigmentation and enhances your skin color. It is mostly in serums and sheet masks.

Niacinamide is an all-in-one skincare product with multiple benefits. It can brighten your dull skin, even out your skin tone, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, and control sebum production. It’s the best ingredient for those looking for blemish and acne-free skin. Also, here is an article about the Best Korean Niacinamide Serum for Brightening & Anti-aging.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic locks moisture in your skin, giving you moisturized and wrinkle-free skin. However, certain environmental aggressors and the natural aging processes can reduce the production of hyaluronic acid, causing dry skin and aging problems. That’s why people use creams and toners rich in hyaluronic acid to maintain the required moisture level. Besides Korean products, nearly all moisturizers contain a small amount of hyaluronic acid to hydrate your skin and maintain glow.

Green Tea

green tea korean skincare ingredients

Many studies have shown the skin benefits of green tea. Not only is it beneficial for your health, but green tea comes packed with antioxidant properties that are great for your skin as well. Green tea can benefit your overall health in many ways. It can improve your blood circulation, help with weight management, and so on. Likewise, it’s great for your skin too. The anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties of green tea protect your skin from radicals, blemishes, and redness. It can also treat puffy eyes.


Cica is a magical ingredient that comes with anti-inflammatory and skin-soothing properties. Koreans need Cica, as their skin remains exposed to dirt and pollution throughout the year.

Cica has its roots in China where the product was used mainly in the medical field. The major purpose of adding Cica to skincare products is to reduce skin inflammation, redness, and skin irritation caused by pollution. It is perfect for people with sensitive skin. Cica also contains Vitamin A, B, and C that stimulate collagen production.


Rice is a prominent ingredient in many popular skincare brands. In fact, Koreans use rice water (plain) on their skin to reduce acne, blemishes, and pores. This healthy ingredient can soften your skin and minimize pores. Loaded with amino acids and skin-healing nutrients, rice has the potential to enhance cell regeneration and restore moisture in your skin, making it look hydrated. Rice is in sunscreen, face gels, face masks, and moisturizers. This popular Korean skincare ingredient can protect your skin from UV rays and sunburns.


honey korean skincare cosmetic

You must have seen Koreans posting pictures of their plump, soft, and honey-like smooth skin on Instagram. Honey skin and glass-like skin have always been in trend in Korea. Honey has antibacterial and antiseptic properties that make it a perfect ingredient for your skincare. It keeps your skin moisturized, balancing the pH levels, and keeping it look fresh and hydrated throughout the day. These were only a few reasons why honey is the main ingredient in many skincare brands. Regular application of honey can give you smooth and baby-like skin, free of acne and blemishes.


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Fermented Filtrate

Fermented Filtrate is a water-like beauty ingredient, which is obtained from yeast. Fermentation is the process of converting natural ingredients into moisturizers and serums. It makes the ingredients smooth enough to be accepted by your skin easily. Koreans use fermented yeast because it streamlines the absorption of beauty products. The fermented filtrate is known for its skin-calming and soothing properties. They can add glow to your skin, making it more radiant.


Adenosine has skin healing properties. It can treat minor scratches, scraps, burns, rashes, and other marks that can leave a permanent spot on your skin. This yeast-based skincare ingredient is one of the essential elements of Korean beauty products. Thanks to its healing, anti-inflammatory, and other skincare properties that make it a viable product for all skin types and complexions. Whether you have an extremely sensitive skin or a combination skin, almost all skin types can benefit from Adenosine.



Aloe vera is in all cosmetic products—be it a moisturizer or primer. Containing around 20 vitamins and antioxidants to not only cleanse your skin, but give it a fresh and clean look. It also keeps your skin hydrated. The ingredient is popularly a standalone product for all skin types. It is in both skincare and beauty products in large amounts. Thanks to the soothing and hydrating properties of aloe, it has become a prime ingredient in Korean skincare industry. In addition to protecting your skin from sun rays and keeping it moisturized, aloe gel is used as the treatment for stretch marks, wounds, burns, and other skin issues.

Bottom Line

The secret to healthy and glowing skin in Koreans is the nourishing ingredients present in the skincare products. Koreans do not use retinol, as they believe it can make their skin sensitive causing flakiness. So, these were the top 10 Korean skincare ingredients that make Korean products the most nourishing items for people with sensitive skin.

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