I'm from mugwort essence & mask review

I’m From Mugwort Essence & Mask Review-Korean Vegan Cosmetic

I’m from is a Korean brand that aims for natural cosmetics. I would like to review one of their best-selling products, Mugwort Essence & Mugwort Sheet Masks. Mugwort is a natural ingredient that has been used frequently in Korea for a long time, and I have often used it in feminine hygiene products. I’m excited to try this one and see whether it will be able to calm my rough and irritated skin these days!

Im from - Mugwort Essence 160ml

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About My Skin

I’d say my skin is dry and prone to sensitivity that gets irritated easily by new cosmetics. Thus, when choosing skin care products, I carefully check the ingredient label and reviews. Not only I’m From mugwort essence was a bestseller in Korea, but I have also tried it without hesitation as it was composed of 100% mugwort extract as a single ingredient.

The Ingredients

Mugwort is well known for calming and helping to make healthy skin by providing moisture. What I like the most is that it has only mugwort extract from Gangwhado, Korea without other potentially harmful ingredients. So I could use it twice a day in the morning/night routine without worrying about skin troubles. Simple ingredients are good for sensitive skin, and products that are faithful to the basics rather than expecting various effects are suitable.


I’m From Mugwort essence has a water-like texture like a toner. However, it is heavier than a toner and lighter than an essence. It is slightly slippery & lightweight, so it absorbs quickly. Even, I could layer it twice without stickiness at all. As there is no artificial fragrance and the mild mugwort scent was good for me, but people who are not familiar with mugwort may like it or not.

How to Apply

It is a daily item for morning and night skincare routine to prep your skin for the next step. With a lightweight formula, It drips down when you apply it to the back of your hand, so it is better to use a cotton pad or put it directly onto your skin. If you want an extra soothing, make a toner mask by soaking cotton pads to the essence and patch them on your cheeks, forehead, or chin for 5minuetes as special home care.

The Results

Absolutely it calmed my blemishes by breakouts and sun damage! More, my skin tone is slightly up. The most notable improvement was that my rough skin became smooth. You might feel it too when you wash your face in the morning! 😉

Final Verdict

Overall, I recommend this essence. Even though it’s rather expensive, it worth it for my glowy skin with natural ingredients. This mugwort essence made me try another line from I’m From like Rice Toner or Honey Mask.


The price can vary where you order. Compare the prices!

Similar Products

If you are looking for more affordable products, I recommend ROUND LAB Mugwort Calming Toner which is around $18 for 300ml. Round Lab is a very popular & trendy brand that is earth-friendly and clean-beauty. BRING GREEN Artemisia Calming Balance Toner is also great value for money and results. Lastly, the famous non-comedogenic item, Missha Time Revolution Artemisia Treatment Essence helps to relieve sensitive skin!


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Last updated on July 15, 2024 1:37 pm

I’m From Brand Story

I’m From is a popular skincare company based in Korea. It’s different from its sister brand, Skin & Lab, in that it tries to use mostly natural ingredients found in Korea. The skincare ingredients are easily shown and also show the location in Korea where the ingredient was derived from. I’m From mugwort essence is one of their top skincare products. They also have popular products like face masks, toners, essences, creams, and serums.

I’m From produces different face masks like the mugwort mask, rice mask, fig scrub mask, ginseng mask, volcanic mask, and honey mask. These masks are high-quality masks with ingredients to help strengthen your skin barrier. The mugwort mask can be found in sheet or wash-off type, while the other rice, volcanic, ginseng, fig scrub, and honey can be found only with the wash-off type.

Many products from I’m From are vegan and cruelty-free as well.

I’m From’s most popular Mugwort essence has been the talk of all beauty gurus. Here is more information on why you too should have I’m From’s Mugwort essence on your beauty list.

I’m From Mugwort FAQ

Is Mugwort suitable for your face?

Mugwort Benefits for Sensitive and Dry Skin

Mugwort is beneficial for dry and sensitive skin. It helps to treat many diseases like eczema and psoriasis according to Dermatologist Rachel Nazarian.

It contains anti-inflammatory properties that will help recover dry skin and also contains vitamin E, known to refresh and moisturize your skin.

Mugwort is especially popular in Ganghwa, South Korea. The ground in Ganghwa is rich with nutrients to make healthy and strong mugwort plants.

Mugwort Benefits for Aging Skin

Mugwort benefits aging skin. It works as an anti-aging ingredient for mature skin. Mugwort works as an antioxidant that will help recover damaged skin caused by ultraviolet rays. Also, mugwort is a collagen stimulator helping to recover fine lines and wrinkles. Its pulp helps the skin glow and strengthens the skin barrier.

Mugwort Benefits for Acne-Prone Skin

Mugwort also performs well on Acne skin and helps Acne-prone skin to become healthier. It contains antibacterial properties that will fight germs and bacteria. Mugwort works in the pores of the skin and removes bacteria and excessive oil. It will clear bacteria in the skin and treat breakouts.

What do I’m From mugwort essence do?

I’m From Mugwort essence is made from 100% mugwort extract to help you recover your skin for a healthier, smoother, and brighter glow. Here are the benefits of I’m From Mugwort essence.

Soft, smooth skin

When you apply it to your skin, you will notice your skin looking smoother and transparent. It is good to use mugwort essence at night, but it also works well in the daytime.

Instantly brightening

Mugwort essence gives a brightening look to your skin. Mugwort essence contains vitamin E which will help your skin to glow.

Quickly absorbs

It doesn’t stick on the skin and doesn’t take time to absorb. Also, it is so lightweight that it will absorb instantly when it is applied. 

No irritation

I’m From Mugwort essence is suitable for sensitive skin. It doesn’t give irritation when you apply it to the skin. There is no redness or breakout after using it. It is safe for sensitive skin. Also, it works well will other products with lactic acid, glycolic, and retinol.

How often should I use mugwort essence?

Good results are shown if you use it every night. The best way is to use it after toner. Drop some essence on your hand and tap it on your face. If your face is really dry try soaking cotton pads and then leaving it on the dry area for about 5 minutes.

Is I’m From mugwort essence good for acne?

Mugwort essence is good for acne skin. It will reduce any redness and reduce acne on the skin. It contains antibacterial properties that will fight germs and bacteria. Mugwort works in the pores of the skin and removes bacteria and excessive oil. It will clear bacteria in the skin and treat breakouts. Mugwort is a natural Korean herb that helps to detox sensitive skin and is a great ingredient to use for acne treatment.

Is I’m From mugwort essence fermented?

I’m From Mugwort essence is fermented for deep action in the skin. It is made from 100% mugwort extract also known as Artemisia Princeps, a well-known ingredient for antibacterial sensitive, anti-inflammatory skin, and soothing effects.

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What do I’m From mugwort mask do?

A mugwort mask helps to refresh and soothe the skin. It comes in two types: a mask sheet or wash-off. The main ingredient is of course mugwort, packed with lots of minerals and vitamins. Both the wash-off and mask sheet work well for acne skin, helping to relieve irritation and redness for a calming effect. Also, the mugwort helps to regulate heat from UV rays to quickly soothe and recover sensitive skin. Here are other benefits of the I’m From mugwort masks.

Im from - Mugwort Mask 110g

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Cool and refreshing

It uses mugwort powder for an excellent and refreshing effect. Other masks usually absorb room temp, but I’m From mugwort masks remain cool.

Soft, smooth skin

It contains many vitamins and minerals that will give a brightening look to the skin, and you will feel soft and smooth skin instantly after it is applied.

Instantly calming

Mugwort mask goes well with sensitive skin. The vitamin E and soothing qualities of mugwort is safe for sensitive skin.

Breakouts begone!

The most fantastic thing about this mask is it will help stop breakouts. Your acne will look smaller, less red from the very next day, and in a few days, disappear.

How often can I use a mugwort mask?

It will give a good result if you use it once a week as it is suitable for all skin types, whether it is sensitive or acne. Upon seeing the results, you can increase or decrease the frequency of using the mask.

What is a mugwort face sheet mask?

Mugwort face sheet mask contains 91.45% mugwort, a high concentration, enough to hydrate your skin. The mask is specially formulated to absorb well into your face so that you can entirely have the benefits of mugwort. The anti-inflammatory properties will help recover dry, irritated, and sensitive skin. Also, giving a soothing effect if there is redness on the skin. It also contains a natural herb that will work for mature skin and to help recover fine lines.

Im from - Mugwort Sheet Mask 20ml x 1pc

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as of July 20, 2022 1:19 pm

The mask will soothe the skin and give a radiant effect to the skin. Unlike other masks, mugwort mask uses 100% natural ingredients that provide your skin to breathe well, and reduce redness, and irritation. Not to mention, the mask helps cover curves and crevices on the face to give radiant, soft, and smooth skin.

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